CPL have limited stock of cherry pickers available

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CPL have limited stock of cherry pickers available

CPL have a limited number of stock cherry pickers available immediately.

We understand that many of you are searching for a solution now and cannot wait for the lead times all manufacturers are working to. This is why we are making an effort to ensure we have stock cherry pickers available at all times.

BIBI 870 Scissor LiftWithin the current range we have a variety of AlmaCrawler products. These include the Bibbi 870. This tracked scissor lift has a maximum height of 8m with a safe working load of 250Kg. Almac have designed a high-performance tracked mini-scissor, equipped with an extensible and retractable 1.2m wide and 2.35m long cabin. This type of scissor lift is perfect for outdoor maintenance like decorating or cleaning building fronts, cleaning gutters and hanging signage.

We also have the Jibbi 1250 Evo in stock. This solution is a self propelled crawler with a working height of 12.2m and a safe working load of 230Kg. This design boasts an automaticPalfinger P250BK telescopic boom levelling system allowing it to be operated on rough terrain. This solution has no outriggers making it 70% quicker to set up than a units fitted with stabilisers.

The final AlmaCrawler product in our stock range is the Jibbi 1670 Evo. This self propelled telescopic boom has a working height of 16m, a working outreach of up to 8.5m and a safe working load of 230Kg. The variable track undercarriage offers different track widths, specifically 1.35m, 1.90 m, 2.20 m and 2.45 m. Moreover, the track undercarriage can be adjusted during machine travel and causes minimal damage to terrain, including turf.

Both of these self propelled tracked machines are extremely versatile. They are popular within the Arborist sector, building maintenance and construction with an optional winch kit available.

On order we have a number of Palfinger Platforms due very soon. These include the popular P300. With a 30m working height and impressive 20.5m working outreach, this conversion has been mounted on an 8t MAN truck. The unit has been fitted with useful extras like the cab beacons and protective casing, Chapter 8 chevrons and traffic cone brackets. This model is popular within multiple sectors including Arborist, Highway Maintenance and Building Maintenance.

We also have both the P220 and the P250 on order. The P220 has a working height of 21.9m and a working outreach of 13m. It has a safe working load of 250kg and is mounted on a 3.5t Mercedes Chassis.

The P250 has a working height of 24.7m and a working outreach of 16.9m. The safe working load is 250kg and it has also been mounted on a 3.5t Mercedes chassis. This means that it can be driven on a standard UK driving license.

For more information on any of our stock units, get in touch. We are always planning production slots for more units so keep up to date with our newsletter.


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