Project Description

11,80m Van Mounted Cherry Picker KL26

KL26 cutaway renault master

Working diagram – KL26 Klubb Lift Platform on a Renault Master

The KL26 lift platform is mounted to a 3.5t cutaway Renault Master . With the cutaway aspect it is perfect for companies working within towns and cities that are interested in a eco-responsible approach. The platform is designed with no outriggers making it a quick and easy conversion to set up.

The KL26 lift platform reaches 11.8M working height, and the safe working load in the basket of 120Kg offers 6.5M outreach.

This conversion can be mounted on a van with a battery powered boom or a fully electric van with a battery powered boom making it zero emissions.

Cables and hoses on this  lift platform are enclosed within the boom to provide protection. Locking valves are installed to prevent any uncontrolled movement of the boom in the event of a pipe failure. If the engine or main pump fails, functions are controlled by an independent electro-hydraulic pump.

We offer a multitude of optional extras to suit any project. These include; Front, rear and cab beacons, work lights, reversing cameras, internal electric sockets, company livery and chapter 8 markings.

This conversion is a perfect partner for the Telecoms, Utilities, Highways and Street lighting, Local Councils, Rental Firms, Fire and Safety and Signage sectors. There is the option of a cutaway version of this model of aerial platform. Due to the ease of maneuverability this type of conversion is very popular in Urban maintenance.

The KL26 lift platform can have the option of Green Pack Technology. This allows the boom to be operated with the engine switched off. There is the option of a fully electric KL26 boom lift mounted on a Renault Master ZE. 

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KL26 - Cutaway Van Mount
KL26 Renault Master

Technical Specification

  • Max Working Height 11.80M*

  • Max Working Outreach 6.5OM @ 120Kg*

  • Rotation 360°

  • Walk in fibreglass or plastic duck under insulated basket

    *Depending on Installation


  • Fully Type Approved Conversion

  • Independent emergency electric pump

  • 1Kv boom and basket protection

  • Fully electro/hydraulic controls fitted in the basket

  • Electric emergency decent controls fitted in the basket and on the turret.

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