Stock 13.8m Ford Van Mounted Platform K38P

The K38p is the most versatile platform designed by CPL due to its 13.8m working height, and 8.2m outreach. As a standard van with outriggers, this traditional build can be added to any existing fleet, or will be a strong choice for your businesses first platform asset.

This Stock 13.8m Platform has been mounted on the 3.5t Ford Transit van. Not only can it be driven by anyone with a standard licence, the rear of the van makes for a large workshop and storage space. This makes it an ideal partner for various sectors including Street lighting, Telecoms, Maintenance, CCTV and Signage. Its versatility with a fly boom, and 3.5t weight class, also makes it a great option for any hire or leasing company.

CPL have ordered several of the Ford Transit to ensure the price is kept much lower than the current cost.


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Technical Specification

Max Working Height 13.8M*

Max Working Outreach 8.20M*

Rotation 360° Non-continuous


Independent emergency electric pump

Fully electro/hydraulic controls fitted in the basket

Electric emergency decent controls fitted in the basket and on the turret


Engine start and stop from basket

Independent emergency electric pump with all the features in the basket for maximum security

Proportional controls

Secure access to the working platform

Hoses and cables are inside the boom structure for maximum protection


Signalling devices

Custom fitting out of vehicles

Chapter 8 Markings

Reverse Camera

Leg Operations from the cab

Additional information



Working height

13m to 15m




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