57m Truck mounted access platform lift


The 57m Truck mounted access platform lift has A frame hydraulic stabilisers and fully electric controls fitted to the basket. With a safe working load of 600Kg this platform can hold up to 3 people with a large number of tools.

The full weight of this conversaion is 25t and it has been mounted on a MAN truck.. The platform has a working height of 57m and a very impressive working outreach of 41m.

As standard we fit an aluminium cage to the Truck mounted access platform. This is for ease of access when working at height and has a maximum capacity of 600Kg.

An additional X-jib and a basket rotation of 2 x 200 degrees provides exceptional mobility, taking flexibility to even loftier heights.

Some key features of this conversion are:

Telescopic upper boom up to 19 m
Automatic telescope lubrication system supplies the lower boom telescopes with grease during platform operation
900 mm stabilising stroke to compensate for highly uneven terrain
Telescopic basket with 600 kg basket load and integrated preparation for Powerlift system
Hanging basket enables users to get close to objects

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Technical Specification

Max. working height : 57 m

Max. cage bottom height : 55 m

Max. outreach : 41 m

Rotation angle of turntable : 540°

Rotation angle of cage : 2 x 200°

Rotation angle of cage boom : 240°

Size of cage : 3.81 x 1.04 x 1.10 m

Max. cage load : 600 kg

Total weight : 26000 kg

Overall length : 11.93 m

Width in transport position : 2.51 m

Height in transport position : 3.90 m

Max. stabiliser width : 8.89 m


stabiliser safety plates

Safety plates

Palfinger safety plates are perfectly designed for the requirements of an access platform and allow a safe placement on each underground. The rubberized undersurface ensures grip even in wet conditions.

convenient stabiliser system

Convenient stabilizer system

The automatic support leveling feature from Palfinger allows the vehicle to be stabilised fast and easily. The control buttons mounted on the right and left side at the rear of the vehicle allow the greatest possible view onto the set-up space, increasing safety.

memory position function

Memory Function

The Palinger memory function stores the selected working position. From transport position to working position with just one button. This easy to use technology ensure you save time at working and thus your cost-effectiveness.

p570 dimensions
p570 dimensions
P570 diagram
P570 diagram
p570 working load diagram
p570 working load diagram


Automated positioning system

Home function

Reverse camera

Telescopic cage

Driver information system

Safety plates

Assistance systems

230 V CEE current supply with CEE socket in the workman cage


Mobile radio remote controls for access platform and stabiliser operation

Attachable cable winch under the workman basket with 460 kg lifting capacity

Telescopic camera basket with 600 kg basket load

Workman basket collision protection thanks to ultrasonic sensors

Light packages

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Working height

over 50m






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