The vehicle mounted boom range produced by Klubb Group are intended for outdoor use. The use of this type of vehicle in strong winds or in gusty winds is regulated. In general, more than 45km/h is too windy to use our  vehicle mounted boom units when the arm is expanded. However, some machines have an enhanced resistance and allow you to work at higher wind speeds. You will find this information in your product user manual and on the basket safety labels. Be careful not to forget to indicate these safety rules to your teams. Using safety devices properly enables operators to work productively and safely, not only for themselves but also for other.

It is the Beaufort scale that defines the speed and power of the winds. Invented in 1805 by Francis Beaufort, a British admiral, it goes from 0 to 12. The 0 corresponds to the absence of wind (less than 1 km/h), the 12 to a storm (more than 118 km/h). In between, there are different types of wind as breeze, fresh wind, gale.

However, the wind speed can be controlled quickly and precisely by using an anemometer. This meteorology instrument will instantly tell you the wind speed and pressure. It is an essential instrument used as the wind is one of the parameters which determine the evolution of the weather and the meteorological forecast. To analyze if it’s too windy to use our boom lifts, you will find the day prediction on many websites. You will find all the content you need to follow meteorological and climate live news and can follow up to 15 prediction days.