Work at height for window cleaners

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Work at height for window cleaners

Window Cleaning is a sector where workers are often required to perform tasks at some height. These companies therefore use different systems to perform aerial tasks. Employees can use ladders or pulley systems to climb but there are disadvantage with these systems including limited movement. Another system also exists for large buildings, the lifting platform fixed to the building and hoisted by cables. This system can be efficient, but it cannot be moved and its construction and installation cost’s are very expensive.

On the other hand, CPL is a company that offers another type of system that is very secure and much less expensive. Indeed CPL is a company specialising in the construction and sale of Access Platforms. This system is very safe for the operator because it is in a completely closed basket that can control the machine thanks to a control station.

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The dimensions of the basket have been studied so that the operator can intervene on any type of work with full safety. The operator can also take with him any type of equipment necessary for window cleaning thanks to a load ranging from 120kg to 300kg depending on the types of Access Platform available at CPL.

The lifting system that CPL uses for its machines is fixed directly to vehicles. These vehicles can be different according to the customer’s needs, there are pick up trucks, vans and trucks. Thus the technical characteristics of the lifting systems vary according to the type of vehicle on which it is mounted. The advantage with this conversion is that it becomes very simple for the operator to move to different places to intervene. This machine therefore has an advantage of mobility compared to lifting systems fixed to buildings for window cleaning.

CPL Access Platform are machines with highly sophisticated safety systems. Indeed on some machines there are feet that allow machine stability and can reach a working height of 9.80m to 25.5m and a working outreach of 4.1m to 19.9m. These working ranges as well as the booms rotation which can go from 360 degrees to 420 degrees make it possible to work at different points without having to move the machine.

The hydraulic lifting system is also provided by an auxiliary electric motor as well as a manual pump system in case of a general breakdown. Numerous audible alarms are also installed on CPL’s machines to warn the operator in the event of improper manoeuvring. A light signalisation system is also available as an option for work at the roadside or in poorly lit areas.

Van conversions are undoubtedly the most suitable machines for companies in the window cleaning sector. If the machine chosen by the customer has outrigger, the machine then pads are supplied for maximum stability to avoid damage to concrete floors. In fact, this type of conversion is carried out on vehicles that can transport any type of material inside the vehicle. For the other conversions, there is the possibility to install aluminium boxes in case the customers need storage space, as not all conversion at CPL are on van.

Several options are available from CPL to best configure your future Access Platform. For any further information, you can visit our website and contact our teams who will be delighted to advise you.

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