The K32 250Kg SWL Van Platform

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The K32 250Kg SWL Van Platform

Our Street lighting contractors have opted for the 250Kg SWL Van Platform

Our customer maintains and erects Street lighting for their local authority. They needed a large safe working load in the basket of their Van platform to be able to lift some of the much heavier lamps into place and for removals.

This also effected the amount of payload needed to transport the equipment to and from sites.

CPL worked closely with the customer to work out what height, outreach and weights were needed to ensure they had the best conversion for their company’s daily tasks.

The vehicle needed to be 3.5t or under due to licencing laws so we suggested a 3.5t Renault Master with a K32 boom and 250Kg SWL in the basket.

The Renault provided the best payload in this size van. The extra load capacity in the basket allowed for the heavier equipment to be lifted and the 12.5m Working height reached all the poles this company needed access to.

Our customer now has the perfect conversion for their needs. They have storage solutions in the rear of the van to ensure it is a tidy and organised workshop. They also opted for a full set of Chapter 8 markings and beacons that were fitted in house before the conversion left CPL. This allowed for the vehicle to be put straight to work from our factory.

CPL, Part of the Klubb Group, work with customers to ensure they are ordering the exact piece of equipment needed for their work. Take a look at our range here. All of the conversions can be fitted with Green pack technology, this allows for a cost effective a quieter machine. We also have the option of fully electric conversions for the Eco responsible companies.


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