CPL partners with Rivus to provide UK-wide support for all access equipment.

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CPL partners with Rivus to provide UK-wide support for all access equipment.

CPL and Rivus Fleet Solutions have set up a new partnership to provide a UK-wide support service infrastructure network for owners of CPL’s cherry-picker equipment.

The agreement means that all 55 garages in Rivus’ UK-wide support network will be equipped to provide in-life servicing, maintenance, repair and testing for any CPL product.

The garages will be supplied with CPL diagnostic and tooling equipment, together with having full access to supply chains for parts – meaning that any owners of CPL equipment will be able to use the Rivus network for both warranty and non-warranty work. While Rivus technicians are already experienced in working on such equipment, they will undergo comprehensive training and testing to ensure customers receive CPL-standard levels of support.

Rivus’ recent move to equip their garages for Electric Vehicles (EVs) adds further value to the partnership, as CPL now has an ever-broadening range of fully-electric platforms which can be serviced by Rivus’ new capability in this area.

Both Rivus and CPL already support some of the largest fleets in the UK and this partnership is intended to deliver a convenient experience for both sets of customers – many of which are shared. CPL equipment is used across all key sectors and is particularly prominent with utility companies, largely due to their need for cherry pickers to work on overheard power lines.

Simon Ungless, Business Development Director at Rivus, comments, “Businesses that run fleets not only want fast local access to facilities which support their base vehicles – but they also want the same standards for their ancillaries. We a long experience in supporting manufacturer warranties and a team of multi-skilled technicians at every site, with a vast experience on working on on-board equipment such as cherry-pickers. Through our national footprint, technical capability and capacity, we can provide users of CPL equipment with a highly-convenient service at industry-leading standards of quality.”

Paul Murphy, Managing Director at CPL comments, “CPL is only ten years old and we’ve grown significantly in that time to become one of the biggest players in the access market – so this agreement with Rivus represents a significant step as we look to grow further in the future and make our products more serviceable for our customers, wherever they are in the country. We know Rivus has the scale and infrastructure to support our customers and the volume of our equipment that’s in the field so this is great news for customers of both companies.”

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