Working at height? Are you covered?

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Working at height? Are you covered?

Working at height is unavoidable for a lot of sectors. If you’re reading this, chances are you have to gain access to heights.

We have been talking with a number of customers from all industries about their height requirements and how the cover they need from their insurance is changing.

The main point we are hearing about is that insurance companies will only pay out if the safest and most practical solution for working at height is being used. Generally this means no more ladders or ropes where a MEWP can be used. Even then, most insurance companies are going to create a bespoke policy for you as most policies will exclude work over 10 metres or on a property over 3 stories. This can come with a higher price tag but is it worth it to ensure you are fully covered and working in the safest possible way?

The below statement is now the get out clause for many insurers that find you have not been using the safest option.

”The Work at Height Regulations 2005 were put in place to encourage the avoidance of working above ground level wherever it is possible and practicable. They also state it is essential that the best practicable means of safety are provided when it cannot be avoided.”

This comes after research into falls from height show that over 40% occur due to ladder and only 10% due to access platforms.


CPL have been working with all industries to ensure we have a solution for you that is not only safe and covered, it is practical and will help you get the job done faster and more effectively.

We have a great range of access options including: Pick up MEWP’s for Arborists, Utilities and anyone that needs to get into the muddiest and most uneven terrain. The spider range is available for those working within tight areas like building maintenance. We’ve all seen the photos of tracked machines being squeezed down a terrace alleyway. We can offer Spiders from 15m up to 25m.

Our vast van mount range has been designed to cover everyone working at height that needs storage. The smaller van mounts like the K21B has a working height of 11.2m. Perfect for electricians and CCTV/ Security as it can reach all of their heights but is compact and maneuverable within towns and cities.

The larger vans, which are still within 3.5t to allow all with a standard license to drive, come in a variety of design. If you need space, we offer the K32 or K38p. This is a full L2H2 van with plenty of room and payload for a workshop on the move.

For those that need height and outreach but want a van that is compact, we offer the K26 or K38p Cutaway vans. These are popular for a number of industries including the vast sector of Fibre roll out.

If you are unsure what you need to get the job done while being fully covered by your insurance provider, contact us. We pride ourselves on giving you the right kit for you. We regularly get asked to provide equipment that is impracticable for the customers use. This is where our team of sector specialists guide and advise on the MEWP best fitting.


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