We have a new solution for our fibreglass baskets

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We have a new solution for our fibreglass baskets

CPL have been working with a telecoms client to design a new solution for our fibreglass baskets.

Originally designed as a lightweight tool surface for our single man basket, the aluminium tool tray we have manufactured has become a big hit for a number of customers. The tray has now been manufactured to fit our two man fibreglass baskets as well as the single man.

Our initial solution for MEWP basket storage was the plastic tool box. We have a number of different solutions within this range including with a lid and with lockable catches. These are perfect if you want to remove it when you finish your job in the basket. Any valuable items can then be stored in the cab of the vehicle.

The feedback we have had from our customers is that the tool box, like any storage, is filled with all sorts of bits and bobs and can become an unnecessary weight to the basket. The aluminium tray is a fixed feature and must be cleared of everything before the platform is stowed and driven away keeping it neat and tidy.

Due to the success of this new feature, we have decided to provide the solution as an after purchase item. The tray fits snug to the corner of the basket and is fastened with a number of bolts making it a straight forward addition to your van mounted MEWP.

The aluminium tool tray is priced at £350.00 + VAT but we are currently selling them at the discounted price of £174.99 + VAT Ex fitting.

Contact us to discuss this addition or to order.

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