CPL stock a range of Palfinger Platforms

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CPL stock a range of Palfinger Platforms

We have listened to our customer feedback and have pre ordered several Palfinger Platforms for stock.

P200 3.5t Palfinger ChassisThe lead time for all manufacturing is frustrating at the moment which is why we have these Palfinger Platforms on order.P220 Palfinger Platform

In the range we have several double articulated cherry picker P200’s. These chassis mounts have a 20m working height, 18m working outreach and 200kg safe working load in the basket. This versatile design, with three stabiliser possibilities, has proved popular across various sectors including Maintenance, Arborists and Rental companies.

We also have the Palfinger P220 on order. This design boasts a 21.9m working height, 19.9m working outreach and 250kg safe working load, all mounted on a 3.5t chassis. The compact articulated boom lift is just 2.1m wide and 2.9m in height. These dimensions along with the three stabiliser options makes it perfect for maneuvering through busy areas.

The final Palfinger platform on order is the P250. The Palfinger P250 is a 24,70m telescopic cherry picker is also mounted on lightweight chassis. Lifting and slewing of the main boom is available without stabilisers making this unit extremely useful in tight spaces. The 24.7m working height boom has an impressive 22.7m working outreach. With 250kg and a flat substructure under the basket, the operator can get as close to the structure as possible.

These units will be available over the coming months and once delivered to CPL, they will be ready immediately. Contact us to discuss these units as well as a variety of other stock solutions we have ready for you.


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