The latest popular boom to be redesigned is the KL26 Cut Van Mount with no outriggers. Using High Elastic Limit Steel (HLE), the Klubb Group have made substantial weight savings with the new design.

We have seen a great increase in demand for the KL26 cut van mount with no outriggers within a number of sectors including Telecoms, Rental and Security. This is due to the versatility of the conversion. The cutaway design allows for easy maneuverability in busy streets. Removing the outriggers keeps the van mount within the envelope of the original vehicle and allows for a speedy set up and stow away. This version has surprisingly become very popular in rural areas too. Recently we witnessed this conversion being used in a single country lane. When a vehicle met the platform, it was very quick and easy to stow the boom and move out of the way.

The platform has been fitted with a one man basket allowing 120Kg safe working load. The KL26 boom boasts a working height of 11.8m, this is more than enough to reach all UK telephone poles, CCTV cameras and Building maintenance areas. The working outreach is 6.5m which coupled with the 360 degree rotation makes any work at height straight forward and stress free.

The KL26 can be fitted to a diesel or fully electric Renault Master ZE. The new ZE model has been uprated to 3.5t by Renault to keep the same payload whether diesel or electric. With the weight saving of the new boom, there is over 500Kg of payload left over for equipment storage. With our green pack technology, we can offer a fully electric version of the KL26. If you are covering a lot of miles, the diesel Renault master with our green pack boom is your best option. The engine is not sat ticking over while you carry out your work at height. This will help to keep your maintenance costs down.

CPL have been awarded full type approval on the Renault Master. This ensures you receive the upmost quality and there is no wait for an IVA test. We have also worked with the vehicle manufacturer to ensure we can offer air conditioning on all models.

We currently have a KL26 Renault Master in stock ready to demonstrate to you. Contact us to book a meeting or come to our factories in Kettering for a full tour of our manufacturing capabilities.