Feedback Friday – A larger 1 man basket than ever before

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Feedback Friday – A larger 1 man basket than ever before

Empowering Efficiency: The 1-Man Basket for our Access Platforms is larger than ever.

In the realm of access platforms and aerial work equipment, efficiency, and safety go hand in hand. The introduction of the new 1-Man Basket with a 120kg Safe Working Load has been a game-changer, allowing the operator more room for equipment. Designed from customer feedback, this larger basket can host 1 operator while leaving room for lighting and signage to be carried to height for installation

1-man-basketThe 1-Man Basket – A Single-Operator Marvel

The 1-Man Basket with a 120kg Safe Working Load exemplifies an exceptional engineering feat, catering to specific industries where tasks demand a sole operator at elevated heights. Designed for use with access platforms, this larger and versatile basket empowers workers to access hard-to-reach areas with ease, delivering an unprecedented level of efficiency in various maintenance and construction activities.

Optimal Load Capacity and size: With a robust safe working load of 120kg, this 1-Man Basket ensures that operators can carry essential tools and equipment without compromising on safety. The reinforced construction guarantees stability and durability, allowing personnel to focus on the task at hand. The dimensions of this larger basket are 931x719x1130mm. The controls have also been repositioned to a more external part of the basket allowing for even more room.

Space-Efficient Design: The 1-Man Basket’s compact design optimises space utilisation on the access platform, leaving ample room for additional equipment or personnel. Its lightweight build does not impose excessive strain on the platform, ensuring seamless integration with various access machinery. The 1-Man Basket with a 120kg Safe Working Load is a remarkable innovation that exemplifies the relentless pursuit of efficiency and safety by CPL. This specialised basket empowers workers to perform tasks at heights with confidence and precision, streamlining productivity while maintaining the highest safety standards. Its compact design and robust load capacity make it a versatile tool across various industries, contributing to more efficient and successful projects. As access platform technologies continue to evolve, the 1-Man Basket stands as a testament to the commitment to safeguarding workers and enhancing performance in aerial work environments.

The one man basket option can be fitted to various designs including the KL21B which can be mounted on a Renault Trafic or Peugeot Expert. This boom has a working height of 11.2m and an outreach of 6m. The most popular of the vans with a single man basket is the KL26 Cutaway Renault Master. This model has a working height of  11.8m and an outreach of 6.5m. The final version is the KL32 mounted on a 3.5t Renault Master. With a working height of  12.3m and an outreach of 6.9m. All of the options with a 1 man basket have been designed with no outriggers allowing for further payload and a speedy set up and stow. There is also the option of a larger van if the 3.5t base vehicle is too light for your equipment storage. There are also hybrid and fully electric versions available for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

All of the options listed here have been created with customer feedback at the forefront. CPL intend to provide the user with the best platforms for their work at height. Promoting efficiency and safety is at the forefront of what we do.

Contact us to book a demonstration of our latest designs.  

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