A Brief History of the Cherry Picker

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A Brief History of the Cherry Picker

Cherry Picker is the most common and well known term for Access Platforms whether they are self propelled, tracked or vehicle mounted.

Cherry Picker by definition is also very broad:

a hydraulic crane with a railed platform at the end for raising and lowering people, for instance to work on overhead cables.
“we had to use cherry pickers to get the appropriate camera angles”



There are now an abundance of platform options on the market for all sorts of work at height. Initially designed as a safer option than ladders, climbing and scaffolding, the access platform has fast become the new normal. Vehicle mounted platforms are used in several industries. These include the obvious ones like Roofing, maintenance/cleaning, Tree work and Telecoms. As CPL has grown, we have seen vehicle mounted cherry pickers used for many other interventions. Some of the industries that are now beginning to use pickers on a regular basis include; Window cleaners, farmers and signage companies. These would have used ladders in previous years but a growing Health and Safety awareness in the UK has changed the way these sectors work at height. Insurance companies are also beginning to write into their policies that the safest possible way of working at height must be used to ensure payouts when accidents do happen.

Platforms of all sizes have become readily available to purchase no matter the size of your company. This is due to finance companies beginning to understand the product. We work with finance companies to ensure that they are educated on the value, uses and 2nd hand market for this type of equipment.
Hire and rental companies are also growing with the demand for self drive and operated hire rising. Those that do not need a cherry picker on a daily basis will opt for hire on an adhoc basis. We have estimated that if you are using the equipment more than 3 times a week, it is financially beneficial to purchase the asset yourself. Well maintained access platforms keep their value and can be sold on in 3 to 4 years as the 2nd hand market is very popular for those companies starting out. We have seen a sharp rise in the number of second hand enquiries. This is due to more smaller companies understanding the benefits of a cherry picker. The work at height can be carried out quicker, safer and more efficiently than previous solutions like ladders. If you are unsure of the upkeep needed for your machine, CPL can maintain your fleet of platforms and will give you advice when you want to sell, part exchange or buy used from another seller.


CPL Models

We are also here to help you purchase, hire or rent the correct piece of equipment for your work. There are now so many options on the market that it can be daunting. We receive a lot of enquiries for the biggest possible platform on the most compact base vehicle. This may seem like the obvious option but if you only need to reach 10m and you’re purchasing a 20m boom, the cost is much higher and completely unnecessary. CPL have units of all heights and weights for a reason. For example, if you want something versatile but powerful, the P130 models are a great solution. These all terrain conversions reach a working height of 13.1m and a working outreach of 6.2m. With the 3.5t suspension upgrade, they can be fitted with aluminium locker boxes for storage of equipment, tools and PPE.

If you are carrying a lot of equipment, a van mounted platform can be more suitable. We have a vast range with several options. The KL26 cutaway is mounted on a type approved Renault Master. This lightweight 3.5t chassis has a substantial payload for your tools. The cutaway aspect allows for easy maneuverability within busy streets and the design with no outriggers ensures a speedy set up and stow away.
We have also designed van mounts with a full back and no outriggers. The area in the rear of the van is a great space for a mobile workshop. Working closely with racking solution companies ensures you get the best use of the space with the lightest possible shelving structures. The KL32 is a great example of this. With a working height of 12.3m, this model can reach all Telegraph and CCTV poles. Fitted with a one man basket allows for 120Kg of weight. This means a one man team can be out maintaining and fixing equipment all day.
There are also a number of larger units within the range. The 4.5t+ models make for a large workshop on wheels that can be out all day without the need for a support vehicle. The KL32 cutaway Renault master was initially designed specifically for the Telecoms sector. The lack of outriggers and cut back make sure that the platform stays within the working envelope of the van. This is especially beneficial when working on single track roads. The cherry picker can be stowed away and moved with minimal time wasted.
CPL have developed a great range of cherry pickers mounted on vehicles. Contact us to discuss your options and we will help you make the right choice for your companies work at height.

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