Test out our demonstrator range of Vehicle mounted hoists

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Test out our demonstrator range of Vehicle mounted hoists

Test out our demonstrator range of Vehicle mounted hoists

As a  manufacturer of bespoke Vehicle mounted hoists, we want you to try before you buy.

We understand how important a decision purchasing vehicle mounted hoists is to you. We have made sure we have a number of demonstrator units in our range ready to be tested.

Van hoistAlthough our production schedule is packed with builds, we have made space for stock demo units. This allows you to try out the platform before you commit to an order. Many of our current customers have benefited from this as they have been used to other manufacturers equipment. This gives the company chance to understand the main differences and begin planning their training with the operators. This is crucial as the operator must understand the basic features of the hoist to ensure there is no unnecessary damage caused.

Another advantage of the try before you buy approach is understanding the various optional extras we can offer. We have thought carefully about the add on’s and with the feedback from customers, we have a strong set of accessories to help with safety, security and ease of use. These are the main reasons for purchasing a cherry picker after all.

Currently we have a P130 Pick up mounted platform in our range. This has been mounted on an Isuzu D-Max. It is a versatile 4 wheel drive with an articulated boom. This conversion has a working height of 13.1m and a working outreach of 6.2m with 240Kg SWL.Almac BIBI 850

If you are interested in van mounted platforms, we have a variety of options to test. First is the K26 Cutaway mounted on a 3.5t Renault Master. This design boasts no outriggers adding to the already impressive payload. The cutaway design makes the unit easy to manoeuvre through busy streets but allows plenty of room for storage of tools and equipment.

The K32 is the next model in the van platforms. This unit is a full sized 3.5t Renault Master with a 1 man 120Kg safe working load basket. This design has no outriggers which makes set up and stowing away as quick as possible. The rear of the van can be fitted out with racking and shelving solutions to create a workshop on wheels. The working height for this K32 is 12.3m and the working outreach is 6.9m.

The K38p mounted on a 3.5t Renault Master is the largest boom on our 3.5t range of platforms. With a working height of 13.8m and a working outreach of up to 8m, the K38p can come as a full van or a cutaway version. The demonstrator in stock is a full van version. This more traditional design has 2x outriggers and a 2 man basket with 200Kg safe working load.

If you are interested in tracked access, we have a number of Almac units in stock. These can be tested here at our factory in Kettering. The stock ranges from 8m to 15.5m and has some very unique features to make your work as straight forward as possible. Take a look at our options here.

We have planned a number of other demo slots in 2022 so keep in contact to see whats on offer. If you would like to test one of our units here at our HQ or at your premises, get in touch.

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