22m Telescopic Work Platform



The P 220 BK is a state-of-the-art telescopic work platform with a 300kg cage load. The control system via the well-known Light NX control panel and gimmicks such as the memory and home functions make operation of the working platform very easy. The P 220 BK is ideal for the rental business as well as for municipalities and tree cutting.

• Stabiliser operation from the base for easy and safe support
• Robust aluminum workman basket with 300 kg cage load and integrated anti-squeeze protection function in the knee rail
• Automatic support stabilising with wheel clearance monitoring
• Flat substructure under the workman basket allows users to get as close to obstacles as possible
• Full range with vertical support on large chassis (7.5t)

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Technical Specification

Max working heights : 22 m

Max cage bottom height : 20 m

Max outreach : 16.90 m

Rotation angle of turntable : 500°

Rotation angle of cage : 2 x 90°

Rotation angle of cage boom : 185°

Size of cage : 1.40 x 0.70 x 1.10 m

Maw cage load : 300 kg

Total weight : 3330 kg

Overall length : 7.40 m

Width in transport position : 2.22 m

Height in transport position : 2.99 m

Max stabiliser width : 3.60 m

palfinger 220 BK dimensions
palfinger 220 BK dimensions
P220BK diagram
P220BK diagram
P220 bk working load diagram
P220 bk working load diagram


Home function

Automated positioning system

Safety plates

230V CEE current supply with CEE socket in the workman basket

European type approval

Stabiliser control at basis


Tree maintenance package (tree basket, wooden edge, protective roof, chainsaw mount)

Protective grating above cab

Display at the base, including height limitation

Display in the workman basket, including adjustment of ramps

Aluminium edging

Dual insulation with plastic basket

Additional information



Working height

21m to 30m






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