Read about the perfect compact boom lift for the Majors eco friendly plan

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Read about the perfect compact boom lift for the Majors eco friendly plan

The K20 Nissan eNV200 is one of the most compact boom lifts for the Eco responsible Council’s looking to make a difference.

The K20 Nissan eNV200 is one of the first fully electric and compact boom lifts designed by the Klubb group. It has been chosen to begin a new plan to clean the streets for our council customer that are looking to become more Eco friendly.

The fully electric, zero emissions telescopic conversion is the perfect choice with its compact size.  It also has no outriggers making it one of the easiest and quickest boom lifts to set up in busy towns and cities.

The electric Nissan eNV200 conversion with a K20 boom boasts a 10.10m Working height, 4.10m Working outreach with 120Kg safe working load in the basket. The height allows for all maintenance work within urban areas without causing any disturbance to traffic or pedestrians.

Our Council customer has also added a number of optional extras for more security and protection for their staff. These include: Reversing camera, Roof beacons, Chapter 8 graphics and a key out system allowing the vehicle to be locked while the engine runs, and the operator is at height in the basket with no disruptions from below. All these accessories are fitted in house by our professional team.

The Klubb Group have the largest range of fully electric, zero emissions vehicle conversions on the market. Take a look at the K20 Goupil and the K26 Renault Master ZE. 

If you would like a demonstration of this or any of our conversions, Contact us.





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