CPL Spotlight – Palfinger 25m 3,5t Chassis Mounts

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CPL Spotlight – Palfinger 25m 3,5t Chassis Mounts

Palfinger P250 Telescopic Hoist: Lightweight, Diverse, and Versatile

The Palfinger 25m Telescopic Hoist is a remarkable equipment solution that combines lightweight construction, versatility, and safety features. With its robust design, easy stabiliser operation, and impressive specifications, the P250 offers a reliable and efficient solution for various lifting and hoisting needs. In this article, we will explore the best sectors that benefit from the Palfinger P250, highlight its specific pros, discuss available optional extras, and conclude with why this hoist stands out as an exceptional choice for diverse applications.

The Palfinger P250 Telescopic Hoist finds its effectiveness and usability across multiple sectors, including:

The construction industry benefits greatly from the P250’s lifting capabilities OF 24.7metres and outreach of up to 16.9metres. Whether it’s installing facade panels, conducting inspections, or performing maintenance on tall structures, this hoist provides a safe and efficient platform for workers to access elevated areas. The versatile stabiliser configurations and robust workman basket make it an ideal choice for construction and maintenance tasks.

Utility companies involved in power line maintenance, telecommunications, or street lighting installation can rely on the P250 for its reach and load capacity of 250kg, allowing for two workers and necessary tools to be taken up. With its telescopic boom and rotating capability, workers can easily access overhead lines, perform repairs, and carry out installations with precision and safety.

The P250 proves invaluable in industrial settings where lifting heavy loads of up to 250kg or accessing elevated equipment of up to 24.7metres is essential. Whether it’s handling machinery components, performing maintenance on production lines, or carrying out inspections, this hoist’s robust construction and high load capacity ensure efficient and safe operations.

Municipalities and public service departments, such as parks and recreation, public works, and tree maintenance, can utilise the Palfinger 25m for tasks such as tree pruning, streetlight maintenance, or signage installation. The hoist’s flexible stabiliser configurations, manoeuvrability, and high load capacity provide an ideal solution for these applications.

The Palfinger P250 Telescopic Hoist offers several specific pros that contribute to its exceptional performance:

The Palfinger 25m features a lightweight design weighing 3.5T without compromising on durability and robustness. The use of aluminium extrusion profiles in the workman basket and telescopic system ensures low weight while maintaining exceptional strength. This combination enhances manoeuvrability and allows for efficient transport and operation.

The P250 incorporates easy and safe stabiliser operation, making setup and stabilisation hassle-free. Workers can operate the stabilisers directly from the base, ensuring stability and safety during lifting operations. The stabiliser configurations, including narrow, wide, and one-sided broad positioning, provide flexibility in adapting to various job site conditions.

Safety is a priority in the design of the P250. The workman basket includes an aluminium cage with a 250kg load capacity and an integrated anti-squeeze protection function in the knee rail. The automatic support stabilising system with wheel clearance monitoring ensures stability during operation, minimising the risk of accidents and enhancing overall safety.


The Palfinger P250 Telescopic Hoist offers optional extras that can enhance its functionality and adaptability to specific project requirements. Some notable optional extras include:

To address the challenge of items sliding off the equipment during operation or transportation, the option of aluminium bordering offers a practical solution. By installing aluminium boarders along the edges of the equipment, it creates a secure boundary that helps prevent items from slipping off. This feature is particularly beneficial when working on inclines or during the transportation of materials, allowing operators to strap down items and ensure their stability throughout the task.

Safety is paramount in any working environment, and the addition of beacons to the equipment enhances visibility and promotes a safer working environment. Beacons are bright, high-visibility lights that provide visual alerts to those around the equipment, signalling its presence and alerting individuals to exercise caution. Whether operating in low-light conditions, high-traffic areas, or busy construction sites, beacons help ensure that the equipment is easily visible, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall safety for operators and nearby personnel.

Manoeuvring large equipment, such as trucks or vehicles with attachments, can be challenging, especially when it comes to reversing. To mitigate the risks associated with blind spots and improve visibility while reversing, the inclusion of a reversing camera is a valuable optional extra. A reversing camera provides real-time video footage of the area behind the equipment, allowing the operator to have a clear view of any obstacles or personnel in the vicinity. This feature greatly assists in manoeuvring the equipment safely and helps prevent accidents or damage to property.

The Palfinger 25m Telescopic Hoist stands as a lightweight, diverse, and versatile solution for lifting and hoisting needs. Its robust construction, easy stabiliser operation, and integrated safety features make it an ideal choice for various sectors, including construction, utilities, industrial facilities, and municipal services. The specific pros, such as its lightweight design, easy stabiliser operation, and integrated safety features, contribute to its exceptional performance and ensure efficient and safe operations. With optional extras like aluminium bordering as well as beacons. The Palfinger P250 Telescopic Hoist is a reliable and efficient equipment choice, providing operators with the versatility and capabilities needed to complete elevated tasks with ease and safety.

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