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How will you educate yourself on the access market in 2021? Register for the CPL Newsletter to get up to date information, trends, offers and updates on the market.

With the lack of exhibitions due to the pandemic, it is difficult to get a feel for the market, whats going on and whats new.

The CPL Newsletter has become a go to for many of our clients. We will of course advertise some of our upcoming innovations and successes but we pride ourselves on providing important information, feedback, and exciting new projects internally and also with our partners.

If you are starting a new venture, you will find information from our customers on the best equipment to get the job done easily and efficiently within your sector. Our Newsletter is a good starting point with case studies, customer feedback and reviews of our equipment. CPL work with all of the large vehicle manufacturers including Renault, Isuzu, Toyota etc. allowing us to give advise on the entire conversion including the base vehicle.

We supply to all industries with the need for access equipment. This allows us to share the trends we see from equipment but also the necessary extras fitted and the type of maintenance you will need to keep your machines healthy and your staff safe. It is common for us to receive enquiries for equipment that is either outdated or not fit for the purpose intended. We can help you choose the kit you really need.

Take a look at an example of our newsletter here:Electric Mewps Explained

Register for our newsletter and keep up to date with the world of access. REGISTER HERE

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