13.8m Ford Transit Platform Stock

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13.8m Ford Transit Platform Stock

With this New Year comes new pricing for all commercial vehicles. This is unavoidable as a converter and as a consumer. To soften this blow, CPL have pre ordered several Ford Transits ready to be built as a 13.8m Platform at the same cost as the 2023 builds.

13m-van-platformThe K38p is the most versatile platform designed by CPL due to its 13.8m working height, and 8.2m outreach. As a standard van with outriggers, this traditional build can be added to any existing fleet, or will be a strong choice for your businesses first platform asset. Lets take a look at the main advantages of the 13.8m Ford Transit Platform;

Compact but spacious: This 13.8m platform has been mounted on the 3.5t Ford Transit van. Not only can it be driven by anyone with a standard licence, the rear of the van makes for a large workshop and storage space. This makes it an ideal partner for various sectors including Street lighting, Telecoms, Maintenance, CCTV and Signage. Its versatility also makes it a great option for any hire or leasing company.

Customisation for Diverse Applications: The K38p is highly customisable, catering to a wide range of applications. Whether deployed by telecommunications crews, utility workers, or maintenance professionals, the vehicle can be configured to suit specific job requirements. This adaptability ensures that the K38p is a versatile solution for diverse industries. CPL offer a vast range of accessories including Reversing cameras, chapter 8 markings, racking, shelving, beacons. All of these are fitted in house, meaning you can drive your new asset straight from our factories into your work.

Efficient and Reliable Ford Transit Platform: Built on the Ford Transit, the K38p benefits from the renowned reliability and efficiency of Ford’s commercial vehicles. The combination of a robust chassis and fuel-efficient engines ensures not only a dependable mobile workspace but also cost-effective operations over the long term. CPL are approved converters for Ford. This means that warranties are hon0ured by the vehicle manufacturer. The Ford Transit conversion is also Type approved. This prevents long IVA wait times and means you can drive your platform away in as little as 4 weeks.

The 13.8m Ford Transit Platform represents complete versatility in mobile workspace solutions with elevated access capabilities. Its compact design,  customisation options, efficient base vehicle and tech integration collectively position it as a top choice for professionals requiring a reliable, and high-performance mobile workspace with elevated access capabilities. As industries continue to demand efficient, organised, and adaptable solutions, the K38p Ford Transit Access Platform sets a new standard for excellence in the realm of compact mobile workspaces with elevated access.

Contact us to discuss our stock options that can be customised to your specification.

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