What safety options do you need for your fleet?

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What safety options do you need for your fleet?

At CPL we spend as much time sourcing the best safety options as we do designing the conversion.

Are you aware of the vast range of safety options that can be added to your access platform? These can make all the difference to your working day.

We have made it easy to order everything you need in one place allowing you to drive from CPL, straight to work.

Most of you will know the obvious extras needed for basic safety like Spreader plates and a variety of beacons but did you know that there are a lot more options to choose from to make your fleet stand out and extra safe?

One of the main questions we are asked when receiving orders for cutaway vans is, Can you chevron the back? We have a bespoke template of our cutaway panel to produce a perfectly fitting chevron. Not only does it look neat and professional, it is unmissable on the move. Along with work lights, spotlights, LED Beacons and flashers, you will stand out no matter the time or weather.

For those ordering a legless van mount, we have wheel chocks that can be ordered with a tidy holder in the rear of the van. We can supply extra Anti-slip flooring to the basket for those working in especially muddy or wet weathers. Neither you or your van mount is going anywhere with these solutions.

For basket storage we have a number of designs. These include open and lockable toolboxes or aluminium shelving which is a handy lightweight surface for a 1 man basket.

Working closely with racking companies to design workshop and storage solutions enables us to present a platform ready to go straight into work.

We fit First Aid kits, Burns Kits and Fire Extinguishers wherever you choose when you order your conversion. Along with our power line detection kit, which notifies you when you’re close to live lines, we have a solution to keep any Health & Safety team happy.

CPL are here to help you purchase the correct equipment for your work. We liaise with each sector on their challenges and needs enabling us to guide you. If you would like to discuss your options, Contact us and our team will help you with all of your queries.


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