Are you ready to get Legless with CPL?

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Are you ready to get Legless with CPL?

CPL, Part of the Klubb Group, are here to help you discover the Legless range of Van mounted access platforms.

We have developed a range of van mounts that do not require outriggers. First introduced by the Klubb Group in Europe, the legless design was seen as a risk to some as they had never seen an access platform without stabilisers. Over time our customers have become confident with this product. Let us tell you why!

Designed without outriggers in mind, the conversion weight is distributed in such a way that it gives full stability without the need for legs.

We found that there was a great need for speedy delivery within Towns and Cities due to the disruption caused by a stationary MEWP blocking the road. The lack of outriggers enables the operator to set up and stow away in a very short space of time. We asked one of our customers to estimate the time saved without deploying outriggers. They told us that they can now reach at least two more call outs per day with the time saved.

Another significant advantage to the Legless range is the weight saving. Outriggers can weigh up to 135Kg. This is equivalent to another person and tools so, if you need to carry a lot of equipment, a van mount without outriggers is for you. The conversion suited to this would be the K32 3.5t Renault Master fitted with a 1 man basket. The vehicle is kept whole allowing for maximum internal space. With a Working height of 12.3m and a working outreach of 6.9m, there is very little it can’t reach. For even more payload, we have designed a K32 4.5t Cutaway Renault Master. This version does not have outriggers and benefits from the extra ton payload.

If you are looking for more weight saving and you need a machine easy to manoeuver, we suggest the K26 3.5t Renault Master Cutaway. Not only does this van have no outriggers, it has the cutaway design. We have designed a van mount with the rear of the van cut out and covered with a sleek and strong fibreglass back. The basket will sit neatly within the envelope of the van making it very easy to drive, park and use to work at height in busy areas with minimal space.

All of our vans with no legs are fitted with safety features. We have installed a device to cut off the PTO if the handbrake is taken off. This ensures that the boom cannot be operated if the vehicle is not stationary. Another feature we have incorporated is a handbrake interlock system which will stop the engine running if the platform is elevated and the handbrake is disengaged. We can also supply a key out system which allows the engine to run while the vehicle is locked below. These are just some of the points that have ensured confidence in our builds with customers all over Europe and now in the UK.

If you would like to discuss this option, Contact us.


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