Van & Pick Up Platform Operation – Your questions answered by our Technical Support Team

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Van & Pick Up Platform Operation – Your questions answered by our Technical Support Team

technical operator team

Here we will answer the main questions asked to our technical support about Platform Operation.

How do I operate the E-motor?

At Lower Controls and basket controls, familiarise yourself with the E motor controls. Also look at the emergency procedures in the manual and scan the QR code on the dash to have a look at the training videos.

What is the P130 Emergency procedure?

Most people are not aware that there is a valve for the boom and a valve for the legs.

The easiest way is it to look at the user manual to familiarise yourself with the location of the override valves. Remove the control cage cover, this makes it easier to access to the valve at the rear of the spool controls.

In regards to using the hand pump. Use this rigorously to enable any movement of the boom. Once the boom is down repeat the procedure with the outriggers.

After any emergency procedures, call CPL to book a full check over and to reinstate the override clasps.

Van Mounts  –  What to do if the E motor is not working and stuck up in the air with no ground support.

In the event where no ground support is available, and the emergency motor is not working from the basket, the options are:

see if you can call from ground support.

Worse case scenario, emergency services will be the last port of call.

Below are some troubleshooting for the P130 and Van Mounts 

Fault: Noisy PTO.

Advice: Refer to PTO Notice for ISUZU P130 Platform for full guidance.

Fault: Squealing PTO Belt or Pump Stalling.


  1. Refer to PTO Notice for Isuzu P130 Platform for full guidance.
  2. If outside of this tolerance, CPL Attendance required to check condition of Pump, Tensioner & Belt.

Fault: Platform will not switch between Jacks & Booms.

Things to look for:

  1. Check condition of both of the Valves & Coils on the stabilizer control valve – are there any signs of wear or cracking? If so, these will need replacing.
  2. Check that the unstowed light is operating on each leg. Raise all legs and then unstow the first leg. Does the red light come on? If so, raise that leg and then unstop the second leg. Repeat this for each leg to check if the red light comes on. If it fails to come on with 1 or more of the legs, then either the switch is faulty or requires adjustment.
  3. Are all the green lights on when the legs are down and set? If not then they are not set correctly, or there is a faulty leg switch or it requires adjustment.

Fault: Outrigger Unstowed or Warning Reset Outrigger Red LED illuminated.

Things to look for:

  1. Outrigger may not be fully stowed – reset the Outriggers as per the Operators Manual.
  2. Is the boom not stowed up correctly?
  3. To stow the boom follow these Platform Operation guidelines:

Start Engine – Engage PTO – Screw in the Leg Override on the RHS of the Leg Controls – Deploy 4 Outriggers until Green LED is illuminated – Unscrew the Leg Override – Switch over to Lower Controls – Operate the Boom to stow correctly.

Fault: Loss of all Platform Functions.

Things to look for:

  1. Check that the Emergency Stop Switches are not pushed in. There are 2 on the Platform – 1 at the Deck Controls & 1 on the Basket Controls.
  2. Is the PTO Engaged? Check that the switch is pressed in & illuminated on the dashboard, then check in the Engine Bay to confirm that the belt is in place and PTO operational.
  3. Check the Plugs on the Loom to ensure there is no water ingress in to the plug – check for corrosion on the pins.
  4. Check the Fuses in the Deck Control Box – replace any if  they have blown.
  5. Check the Circuit Board inside the Lower Control Box to ensure that there is no Water Ingress.
  6. Inspect Loom from Bulkhead (2 Glands) through Chassis to see if there are any wires that may have rubbed through and possibly earthing out. (This would need to be returned to CPL for repairs)

If none of the above work, the Operator will need to refer to the Operators Manual, Page 42 for Emergency Procedures.

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