CPL Spotlight – Palfinger P200

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CPL Spotlight – Palfinger P200

Unlocking Efficiency and Versatility: Discovering the Palfinger P200 Platform

In the world of elevated access equipment, the P200 platform shines as a versatile and efficient solution. Its unique features and capabilities make it an asset in various industries and sectors. Whether you’re familiar with this remarkable platform or just discovering it, here’s a closer look at the P200, including its best sectors of application and specific advantages.

P200-3.5t-truck-mountDid You Know?

The Palfinger 20m platform stands out for its exceptional design and functionality. It offers a double pantograph unit, allowing for remarkable flexibility in accessing elevated positions. This feature enables the platform to move over in elevated positions, granting access to regions that demand efficient height coverage. With the P200, efficiency, productivity, and quick operations are at your fingertips.

Best Sectors for the P200

Construction: The P200 is a valuable tool in the construction industry, aiding in tasks such as window installation, facade work, and electrical projects that require working at heights. Its stability and manoeuvrability ensure safe and efficient operations.

Maintenance and Facilities Management: Facilities management teams can rely on the P200 for various maintenance tasks, including HVAC system maintenance, lighting installation, and general upkeep of buildings. Its compact size and manoeuvrability make it suitable for accessing elevated areas within facilities.

Manufacturing and Warehousing: In manufacturing and warehousing environments, the P200 can assist with equipment installation, inventory management, and general maintenance. Its manoeuvrability in narrow spaces and stability at height make it a valuable asset for efficient operations.

Basket Capacity: The P200 boasts a spacious basket with a generous capacity of up to 250kg (550 lbs). This ample weight-bearing capacity allows for the transportation of tools, equipment, and even multiple workers, enabling efficient completion of tasks without compromising safety.

Municipal Services: Municipalities can benefit from the P200 for tasks such as streetlight maintenance, tree trimming, and infrastructure inspections. Its stability and compact design allow for safe navigation through urban streets and tight spaces.

Specific Pros of the P200

Versatility: The P200’s adaptability allows it to be used in various industries and working environments, making it a versatile solution for elevated access needs.

Stability: Equipped with stabilising features and frontwards extending outriggers, the P200 ensures a stable working platform even on uneven or sloping ground, promoting safety during operations.

Compact Size: The compact design enables it to operate in tight spaces, making it suitable for confined work areas and allowing for easy manoeuvrability through narrow passages.

Precise Controls: With multifunction electric controls, this Palfinger unit offers precise manoeuvring, enhancing productivity and ease of operation while ensuring accurate movements of the platform.

Multiple Stabilisation Options: The P200 provides three choices for platform stabilisation, catering to different working environments and allowing for optimum performance while maintaining a compact size. Before using the automatic stabilisation, the operator decides whether to extend both outrigger arms to required position. The automatic stabilisation cycle continues until two conditions are satisfied: The measured inclination of the frame fits with the set value in the inclinometer and both axes are not any longer in contact with the ground. After that, the process stops automatically, and safe work can begin.

The P200 platform has proven its worth as a reliable and efficient solution for elevated access. With its flexibility, stability, compact size, precise controls, and multiple stabilization options, the P200 serves a wide range of industries, from construction to facilities management. Embracing the advantages of the P200 can unlock new levels of productivity, safety, and effectiveness in accessing elevated regions across various sectors.

CPL have one of these machines in stock with immediate availability. Contact us to find out more and book a demo.

Technical Specification

Max Working Heights from 20M*

Max Working Outreach from 8.2M*

Travel Height 2.9M*

Aerial Part Rotation Continuous

Basket Rotation 90°+90°

Basket Max Load Capacity 250Kg*

Vehicle Weight 3.5t to 7.5t GVW Minimum


Air/Water line from the column to the basket

Cage rotation 90°+90°

Set of 4 spreader plates with proper housing on the chassis

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