CPL Spotlight – CPL Electric KL26

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CPL Spotlight – CPL Electric KL26

Revolutionizing Urban Access: Introducing the Electric KL26 Van Mounted Cherry Picker

In the realm of urban access equipment, the fully electric KL26 Van Cherry Picker offers a ground-breaking solution. Mounted on a 3.5t cutaway Renault Master, this cherry picker is specifically designed for companies operating within towns and cities, with a focus on eco-responsibility. With its compact design, quick setup, and impressive specifications, the KL26 provides efficient and environmentally friendly access to elevated areas. Let’s explore the features and advantages of this innovative van-mounted cherry picker.

Introducing the KL26 Van Mounted Cherry Picker

It offers a versatile and practical option for companies seeking efficient access equipment in urban environments. Its compact size and manoeuvrability make it ideal for navigating narrow streets and confined spaces. Additionally, the KL26’s quick and easy conversion setup, thanks to its design without outriggers, ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Best Sectors for the KL26 Van Mounted Cherry Picker

Some of the sectors that benefit greatly from the KL26’s capabilities include:

This electric cherry picker mounts on Renault Master ZE has become a firm favourite for the rental sector. Its diversity and cost savings make it the perfect solution for the hire business as there is less maintenance, and the end user who will save on the fuel costs.

Martin Whitehead, Sales Director of AHN said “The interest we have received on the UK’s first all electric MEWP has been phenomenal!  As with any pioneering product, there is always some hesitation to jump straight in, which is why leasing is such a great option for our customers, especially as our leases are all inclusive, fully managed and maintained.  We have helped customers that are working in cities within the security and CCTV sectors, as well as other industries such as Telecoms and Street Lighting.  Local Authorities also love them due to the savings they can make towards their environmental targets.”

Chris Medley, Founder & Managing Director of Infrafleet said “The feedback from our customer’s has been very positive, there is a lot of enthusiasm to find cleaner ways of delivering infrastructure projects such as telecoms and lighting, and it is great to be able to offer an all-electric alternative to diesel. Users have found the transition to operating the zero emission MEWP an easy one, however there is some changes required by users to ensure they are ready to adopt the new technology, including access to a type vehicle 2 charger or 3 phase connection at the depot, and that the range of the projects from the depot is right for electrification. We have been supporting this transition by providing the vehicles under flexible rental agreements, with charging infrastructure and telematics included, so users can begin their journey to decarbonising their MEWP fleets”

It is also well-suited for facility management companies responsible for maintaining and servicing buildings, including window cleaning, performing repairs, and inspecting infrastructure.KL26ZE-AHN

Construction and maintenance companies often require access to elevated areas during construction or renovation projects, with its impressive working height and outreach make it an ideal choice for tasks such as installing facades, conducting inspections, or performing maintenance work.

In utilities and telecommunications sectors, the KL26 facilitates the installation and maintenance of electrical lines, cables, and communication equipment. Its compact size enables access to urban areas where infrastructure is often located, and its eco-responsible design aligns with the sustainable practices these sectors increasingly prioritise.

Companies involved in signage and lighting installation and maintenance benefit from the KL26’s capabilities – with its reach and compactness, it simplifies the installation of signage, lighting fixtures, and other equipment ensuring proper visibility and functionality.

Events and entertainment, the KL26 is an excellent choice for event management companies and entertainment venues that require access solutions for setting up stages, installing lighting, and managing temporary structures. Its manoeuvrability in urban environments and eco-responsible design make it an ideal solution for event preparation.

Local government departments and municipal services often require access equipment for tasks such as tree maintenance, streetlight repairs, and infrastructure inspections. The compact design allows easy navigation through urban streets, and its eco-responsible features align with local government initiatives focused on sustainability.

Key Features and Specifications

With a working height of 11.80 meters, the KL26 Van Mounted Cherry Picker allows for efficient access to elevated areas such as building facades or overhead installations. Its impressive reach extends up to 6.5 meters, providing access to distant locations with ease. The cherry picker’s basket has a safe working load capacity of 120kg, this is ample for one operator and tools.

Embracing Eco-Responsibility

The KL26 Van takes pride in its eco-responsible design, catering to the growing demand for sustainable practices in urban environments. The cherry picker can be mounted on a battery-powered van, cutting out harmful emissions and promoting a cleaner working environment. The fuel savings are one of the greatest benefits. Our calculations show that over 1 year, you will save up to £1,600 in fuel costs. This is based on the greenpack option which charges while being driven. Only the base vehicle needs to be charged using an external source.

Optional Extras for Enhanced Functionality

In addition to its core features, the KL26 offers a range of optional extras to further enhance functionality and meet specific requirements, such as:

The addition of beacons will increase the visibility of the cherry picker, ensuring enhanced safety during operations, as they alert surrounding traffic and pedestrians reducing risk of accidents. There is the option to install front and rear flashing beacons further reducing the risk of accidents.

Opting for polypropylene vehicle lining protects the interior of the van and the equipment from potential damage during transportation. This durable lining material safeguards against scratches, impacts, and other hazards, maintaining the vehicle’s longevity.

A reversing camera is a valuable addition that improves manoeuvrability and safety during backward movements. It provides the operator with a clear view of the area behind the vehicle, minimizing blind spots and reducing the chance of collisions.

Interior lighting enhances visibility within the van, making it easier to access equipment and perform tasks in low-light conditions, which ensures that the workspace is well-illuminated, improving overall efficiency and safety.

Chapter 8 chevrons are high-visibility markings applied to the rear of the van. These reflective markings are essential for complying with safety regulations, as they enhance the visibility of the cherry picker on the road, especially during low-light conditions or adverse weather.

The inclusion of a juice booster cable allows for convenient charging of the cherry picker’s battery system. This optional extra ensures that the equipment is always ready for use, enabling uninterrupted workflow and reducing downtime.

By considering the optional extras available for the KL26 Van Mounted Cherry Picker, companies can unlock its full potential, ensuring a safe, efficient, and customized solution for their urban access operations.

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